Airport Utilities Study (baseline And Optimization) For The Norman Manley International Airport

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   19 май 2017
   13 июн 2017

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   Norman Manley International Airport, Palisadoes, Kingston, Jamaica W.i. Attn: Winsome Strachan
   +876-924-8699/ 924-8452
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Prequalifications Are Invited For Airport Utilities Study (Baseline And Optimization) For The Norman Manley International Airport Scope: A Comprehensive And Thorough Review Of Various Utilities At Nmia To Include Energy Management, Water, Waste Management And Indoor Air Quality, With A View To Optimize Efficiencies And To Reduce Operating Expenses. The Consultant Will Provide: Energy Management Solutions Which Will: Develop A Road Map For Comprehensive Energy Management At Nmia, Examine All Energy (Including Renewable) Sources And Develop And Analyze Scenarios For Future Energy Demand And Supply Structures To Fit The Energy Efficiency Model And Will Help To Sensitize Airport Population To Energy Saving Solutions. Waste Management Solutions That Conform To The Environmental Management Programs Strategic Goals And Will: Undertake On-site Surveys And Assessments To Provide Baseline Technical Data (Qualitative And Quantitative) That May Guide Further Improvements In Respect Of The Collection, Transfer, Recycling And Disposal Of All Four (4) Major Classes Of Waste I.e. International Waste (Class 1); Airport Waste (Class 2); Construction Waste (Class 3); And Hazardous Materials Waste (Class 4) At Nmia. Water Management Solutions That Will: Aid In The Completion Of A Water System Audit That Reviews Existing Water Uses And Network Infrastructure; Provide An Overview Of The Water Management Systems Of Nmia, Assist The Entitys Effort To Develop A Preservation And Maintenance Plan To Mitigate Against Loss, Water Restrictions And Sustained Drought Conditions Which Are Potentially Amplified By Climate Change Conditions. Indoor Air Quality Review To: Provide Status On Existing Air Quality, Determine Areas That May Be Negatively Impacted By Air Quality Matters, And The Identifying The Causal Agents/factors, Create An Inventory Of Potential Causal Agents/sources, Ascertain The Extent Of Problems Found, Including An Evaluation Of Health Risks; Develop A Response Plan And A Continue Monitoring Plan. The Contract Is Expected To Be Implemented From 2017 December 4, To 2018 May 30 (Respondents Please Note That Scope And Timeline May Be Extended During Award. Eois Are Being Accepted Through Open International Call And The Procuring Entity Will Shortlist Firms Being Considered).

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